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In a few short years, digital marketing has gone from being a nice-to-have to the critical marketing element. For many companies it is where competitive advantage is often won or lost.

We use a proven digital marketing framework to help companies gain and maintain a competitive advantage by developing a digitally led sales and marketing strategy and culture within their organisation.

Digital is a big deal. For many companies, placing digital strategies at the heart of their business can be a turning point in sustained profitability and growth.

Marrying digital design, technology and marketing, as a multi-disciplinary digital agency, we deliver campaigns and creative that targets, captures, engages, convinces and converts consumers.

We do this through the application of a proven digital marketing framework, a 360 degree approach to a brand’s online presence that gives our clients a digital marketing blueprint to success.

This contemporary framework is built around four spheres of capability.

We call them FIRST:


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Thinking is all about ensuring that before you act, you have a sound strategy that connects with your overall business goals.

That does two things. First, it makes sure your digital strategy will deliver what the business actually needs. Second, it prevents you wasting money on ideas that might look good at first sight, but really don't forward your business goals.

When we say "THINK", we really mean it. Before recommending a digital strategy, we'll do our research. Things like international benchmarking, competitor analysis, audits, consumer demand data and online surveys.

We then analyse the data and mine it for insights. In a way, the job here is to eliminate: the digital world is overflowing with exciting technologies. An effective strategy selects only those that will deliver. Then it configures them to create a coherent whole that is bigger than the sum of its parts.

Finally comes planning and project management. We are true believers in keeping one eye firmly fixed on ROI, and the other on taking an agile approach to the project — an approach finely suited to the fast-evolving digital world.


FIRST Create

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Creativity is a balance between imagination and analysis. The online creative process involves purposeful analysis, imaginative idea generation, and critical evaluation - hence the balance.

By investigating every aspect of the client’s product or service in a thorough manner, we are able to see the big picture to develop a clear strategy to forge ahead.

The process we have established allows us to navigate a sequence of actions, and this thorough step-by step approach, enables us to see all aspects and the complete picture and not overlook any opportunity. The result is creative that not only looks appealing, but works hard. It's powerful, engaging – and it sells.

We do this with compelling, fresh content for multiple platforms, impactful web sites, and social media, conversion focused eCommerce, display, and email and user centric apps.



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Rating online is a complex mix of prominent search engine rankings, industry reviews and consumer sentiment expressed via social media.

Visibility is more than ranking high in Google searches, important as that is. It's also about how you RATE overall online; how often you're mentioned positively in user reviews and ratings, whether you have a presence in social media, whether bloggers are talking about you. In fact, online reputation is now a prerequisite to achieve the high Google rankings an online business needs.

We help businesses to be found online. Our toolbox includes award winning Search Engine Optimisation methods, online reputation building, content distribution, strategic partnerships and effective social media strategies.

We were one of the first companies in Australasia to specialise in this critical area. Over a decade on, we are still leading the way.


FIRST Perform

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Performing in a digital world is all about continual innovation, measurement and ongoing optimisation.

Real time end to end measurement coupled with performance media channels has resulted in a profound and fundamental shift in the way media is bought, sold and managed. Search Ads, Social Ads and Display Exchanges along with targeting data and automated real time bidding provide infinite possibilities.

For marketers, it's the closest thing to nirvana and one of the most important parts of the process. To measure and analyse your activities allows you to optimize opportunities and truly reap the benefit of a media budget.



Browse our award winning work and see proven results in our case studies.

  • Subaru

    Website & Campaigns

    Subaru - Web build & Campaigns

    It was not just all about moving metal, but hearts and minds too.

    Working with Subaru for over 5 years meant that we developed an intimate understanding of their brand and what their suit of websites and campaigns needed to achieve. With ‘All for the Diver’ as a central thought, the main site was built to empower the customer to explore and research in a comfortable place where information and interactive elements mingled seamlessly.

    The backend component was developed to be robust and elegant, not unlike a Subaru. The objective was to integrate it seamlessly with a nationwide CRM system. The result was an engaging experience for users and an effective and measureable conversion tool for Subaru.

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  • Mortgage Choice

    Campaigns & Conversion Optimization

    Mortgage Choice - Campaigns & Conversion Optimization

    Guiding homebuyers to ‘Make The Right Move’ with an interactive Stress Test.

    We powered Mortgage Choice’s digital campaign to support their new series of TVCs which were aimed at refreshing the Mortgage Choice corporate identity. By emphasizing the importance of ongoing relationships and helping consumers to make an informed decision about re-financing based on an individual’s current situations and future plans we were able to assist Mortgage Choice to target potential customers with an innovative and effective campaign.

    We designed and developed an interactive and conversion focused microsite that would not only reinforce new corporate positioning but also speak directly to the consumer’s stress points. We also planned a series of online display activity to boost leads through a serious of quarterly campaigns.

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  • University of Newcastle

    Campaign & Mobile App

    University of Newcastle - Campaign & Mobile App

    Putting Newcastle University on the Map.

    In an effort to really put the University of Newcastle of the map we decided to literally do just that. The World Class Local site gave users a window into the local region and all of the exciting and interesting people, places and things it encompassed.

    World Class Local is a community driven, Google map-enabled, story sharing application with significant integration with Facebook. The initiative included the creation of a new methodology for Facebook- enabled competitions that pushed Likes of individual stories on the World Class Local site.

    Facebook sharing was a significant portion of the traffic to the site. Although complex, the site was built in a rapid two week time frame so it could be launched in conjunction with a TV buy in the Newcastle region.

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  • Basketcase


    Basketcase - eCommerce

    Giving online gifts a facelift.

    For The Complete Basketcase the focus was a fresh design that improved the path to purchase. We complimented a new user experience, and conversion optimised eCommerce site with succinct SEO and SEM strategies.

    In addition we supported the eCommerce re-fresh with dedicated occasion-led landing pages around the heaviest holiday traffic periods including Valentine’s Day, Easter and Mother’s Day. We knew this would decrease the cost per click on our client’s SEM campaigns and also increase their on-site conversion rate. The results were a 3 year, year on year uplift in the ROI from search initiatives.

    The final piece to the puzzle was to improve the UI for bulk corporate gift purchasers. By providing bulk ordering functionality, we were able to allow our client to tap into the corporate gift market more effectively by driving revenue and profit increases for their business.

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  • Allianz

    Website & Campaigns

    Allianz - Website & Campaigns

    Conversion focused creative.

    A refreshingly new corporate identity was the first step Allianz’s web site required to accommodate future growth whilst championing new content and powering additional campaigns and promotional content. A template focused approach would guarantee brand integrity and would also be consistently maintained across the entire content rich site.

    Along with the refreshed look and feel, on brand main line and top line product pages, a conversion focused ’quote and buy’ process was executed with an optimized user journey. Thorough A/B spit tests pointed the path for an optimal design to provide the most concentrated and conversion focused pages possible.

    Allianz achieved conversion uplift of 25%, whilst also successfully transforming brand perception.

    A long and lasting partnership was forged, resulting in a retainer for all eDM, display and ongoing digital campaigns across the entire Australian operations.

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  • Allianz

    Infographics & Content

    Allianz - Infographics & Content

    Content is king, but optimised content is the key to search.

    Content is a key part of the user experience online, it’s also of critical importance to making sure a site is optimized for search.

    We provided Allianz with high quality editorial across the motor, home and life insurance product categories. Our holistic approach to content included determining the content themes and topics of most interest to the target markets. Content, included articles and infographics were created to fit Allianz's brand, meet quality control guidelines and capture attention of their site viewers.

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  • Focus Property

    Website & SEO

    Focus Property - Website & SEO

    Bringing back the focus

    In a highly competitive market with many large and established players, there was a need to bring the focus back to real estate best practice. With this in mind we developed new brand identity and website for a freshly re-launched company.

    The result was a conversion focused design, which is always at the heart of our creative methodology along with an industry leading, innovative SEO strategy that addressed traffic and lead generation. We saw not only a significant increase in unique visits and visits from organic search but also an increase in ranking for head and secondary terms securing the head term as ranking number 1.

    The IAB awarded us best in show for Organic Search for achieving

    • Increase in traffic by 686%
    • #1 ranking in Google for the head term "property management"
    • Top 5 rankings for a variety of secondary terms

    That’s why we’re leaders in digital.

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  • IG Markets


    IG Markets - SEM

    We live up to our name.

    IG Markets, Australia's top Financial Derivitive and Forex provider saw the necessity to improve their online performance in a volatile market. They wanted to increase the number of online registrations and active trading through the IG Markets online trading platform. We were able to help with a specialized search strategy that would make dramatic changes to the structure, creative and bidding strategy to.

    • Increase registration volumes
    • Lower CPL
    • Increase active traders

    Not only did we achieve this for our client, we continued a successful search partnership
    "Since we began our relationship we have seen great improvements in our core PPC performance. In addition you supported your core performance with constant new ideas and opportunities to grow our business further, such as GCN/GDN/Display, mobile, True View Video, Remarketing and YouTube Marketing.

    I must say you do live up to the name!"
    Head of Marketing, APAC - IG Group

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  • iSelect

    Campaigns & Social Media

    iSelect - Campaigns & Social Media

    Welcome to Mr iSelect’s office.

    Their mantra is “We are not a health fund� but iSelect did require a number of digital activities to support a national multichannel campaign that targeted insurance decision makers looking to purchase around the end of the financial year.

    Queue welcome to Mr iSelect’s office.

    The response was to create a number of on brand landing pages that playfully supported the TVC campaign whilst clearly communicated the product set. Traffic was drawn to the supporting landing pages via display banners that were creatively optimised to create conversions. Social media channels were styled and content managed to create an on brand interactive experience for those seeking further information on iSelect and a community for current customers to engage with the intermediary.

    The results spoke for themselves. A successful digital campaign and social media setup supported a national multichannel campaign.

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  • Teds Cameras


    Teds Cameras - SEM

    Australian retail favorite Teds Cameras has embraced the move to online retail with a website that showcased its extensive product catalogue.

    A strategy to increase revenue generated through organic search targeting internet savvy personal photographers who were in the market for a new camera was the solution in a very aggressive industry with many grey-market importers who could source products for cheaper and sell for cheaper.

    We employed sophisticated search tactics that would mean Teds would be visible during their customer’s research phase, whilst also highlighting brand reputation that Teds has built over its 40 years of operation.

    What was achieved?
    Branded keyword traffic increased 5783%
    Branded keyword revenue increased 8256%
    Overall organic revenue increased 236%
    Proven results.

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  • Lexis Nexus eStore

    UX, UI & Digital Design

    Lexis Nexus eStore - UX, UI & Digital Design

    Functionality and focus, with a dynamic and engaging user experience.

    We understand that user experience is heavy weight when it comes to conversions.

    Using our holistic methodology we conducted research and provided our client with actionable recommendations that would greatly improve their user interface, in turn providing their customers with a better online experience.

    We would do this with clear and consistent calls to action, seamless integration of social media, best practice functionality and a dynamic and engaging homepage with effortless navigation.

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  • Multi-brands

    General campaign & promotions

    Multi-brands - General campaign & promotions

    Running promotion campaigns through digital platforms is the smart way to engage the consumer, and to capture and build databases for lasting relationships. Campaigns that build trial, drive loyalty, provide insights and deliver measurable sales and ROI. They are strategic, transformational and at the core of a promotional marketing plan.

    We’ve worked with clients looking for innovation, speed, cost-effectiveness and peace-of-mind – including Unilever, J&J, PepsiCo, Nestle, Coca-Cola, 3 Mobile, LG, ING, Walt Disney and Panasonic.

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this is us

Respected digital veterans are the foundation our agency is built upon, each team holds a core capability that feeds into the digital requirements of a successful online business.

Our expertise in digital has been built on over 14 years’ experience in digital strategy, web design and build, search marketing and digital campaigns.
These are some of the people you will be working with:

James Ward

James Ward
Group General Manager


Jackie Craig

Jackie Craig
Senior Account Director


Lachlan Pottenger

Lachlan Pottenger
Creative Director


>Raphael Pantelis

Raphael Pantelis
Senior Account Director


Ben Gerholt

Ben Gerholt
Strategy Director


Mark Baartse

Mark Baartse
Consulting Director



Ensuring our clients have the best technology provider possible is key to the success of our digital projects. Our technology partners currently include:

  • magento logo

    eCommerce software platform for growth that promises to revolutionize the industry. Its modular architecture and unprecedented flexibility assists brands to grow online.
  • kentico logo

    Full-featured CMS with e-commerce, intranet, social networking, online marketing tools & more.
  • wordpress logo

    Integrated online solution that includes custom design templates, integrated statistics, automatic spam protection in an easy to use interface.
  • google logo

    We are part of the Google Analytics and Google Adwords Certified Partner Network. Certified Partners are carefully vetted by Google and meet rigorous qualification standards.
  • marin logo

    Online advertising management platform for advertisers and agencies to manage their paid search, social media, display advertising, and mobile campaigns.
  • wildfire logo

    Integrated social marketing suite combines all the tools to grow, manage, message, and measure your social presence.
  • greatpromotions logo

    The worlds leading technology platform for on-line and digital sales promotions mechanics.


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